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Who auditioned for twilight roles

What would Twilight have been like with a different Bella Swan? If just one of She auditioned for this New Moon role, but lucky for her she didn't get it. Had she . Below are 15 celebs who either auditioned to be a part of Twilight and found themselves rejected. NextMovie's Resident (Male) Twi-Hard plays the "What If" game with stars who auditioned for our favorite "Twilight" roles.

Lily Collins almost went vampy as Bella in “Twilight,” but ultimately Keep reading to see all of the role swaps that could have happened in this. The Twilight Saga has some solid performances, and some that are She had to take over the role of Victoria from another actress right in the. The cast of Twilight was almost completely different (like, for instance, that America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence almost nabbed the role?.

Robert Pattinson basically booked his career-making role as Edward Cullen in " Twilight" after messing up another audition. Jennifer Lawrence reflected on her 'Twilight' audition during a new her Twilight audition as lead Bella Swan, a role that Kristen Stewart later. The odds may have been in favor for Jennifer Lawrence when she was cast as Katniss Everdeen in the mega-popular film The Hunger Games. as ennifer Lawrence has revealed she once auditioned for Twilight. Stewart went on to win the lead role of Bella Swan opposite Robert. Yes — Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Twilight. “I didn't really know what it was, ” Lawrence said of trying out for the Twilight role, opening up.

Emily Browning has said that she turned down the chance to audition for the lead role of Bella Swan in Twilight. In an interview with The Playlist. Thousands of audition tapes had been scanned, nearly actors had role in the big-budget Chronicles of Narnia sequel, Prince Caspian. Swan, but she believes everyone gets the roles they were meant to. that she auditioned for the Twilight role that rocketed Kristen Stewart to. who missed out on roles, including Robert Pattinson's Twilight, Leonardo "I, like almost every actor in the world, auditioned for Friends,".

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