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When texts go wrong with

funniest texts parents kids. Oh Dad funniest texts parents kids. How an "LOL" can go terribly wrong funniest texts parents kids. #sigh. Autocorrect Funny, Funny Text Messages, Funny Texts, Funny Pins, Just For Laughs, I Laughed, Funny Quotes, Fails, Haha. Funny Sms, Funny Text Messages, Funny Quotes, Funny Text Fails, Funny Texts, Text Memes, Autocorrect Funny, Sms Jokes, Lol Text. El Humor, Funny Messages, Funny. Explore Jennifer Neaville's board "Messages gone wrong" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny texts, Funny sms and Funny stuff.

When autocorrect texts have gone this wrong, they can be “wildly entertaining”. It might be a good time to get your minds out of the gutter now!. From skewering work prospects to putting off potential dates - everyone's sent the wrong text to the wrong person at least once. The recipients of the messages in our list didn't get scared of the stranger danger, and instead of just typing back 'sorry wrong number,' they have gone along.

Technology is a fickle mistress, and when you bring booze into the mix, bootie calls are ripe with the opportunity to go wrong. Everyone has been there; you've. Ah, parents. They're a hoot, aren't they? Mix in some technology, and it's basically a comedy show. That's why brothers Stephen and Wayne. You type out texts and they come out just as they're supposed to. But every once in a while something goes embarrassingly wrong. Autocorrect. Stephen in Dublin was messing about on his phone with his son as they were just about to text his football coach when Stevie boy took his eye. My mom texts me and it goes to my husband or sons phone. Also we see each other's phone call history. WTH is going on?! — sabrina98ucf.

Don't know if this is related to recent Digits updates,but in the last week or so I've twice gotten text messages on Digits that are clearly not for. I was on the phone with at&t and they said this was a top priority problem. They are aware hopefully get some fixes out soon. When I go to text Melissa (my wife from imessage) it goes to Kaitlyn (my daughter ). The problem seems to be only people in my family id. I have a theory that depending on the carriers involved, some texts could be coming in as RCS messages, which the stock app can handle but.

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